(served with assorted vegetables and choice of noodles or steamed rice)

Japanese Wagyu Combo $85.00

Australian Wagyu Combo $48.50

Prime Rib Eye Combo $25.95

Angus Rib Eye Combo $23.95

Boneless Short Rib Combo $23.95

Sirloin Beef Combo $20.75

Beef Combo $18.50

Tontoro Combo $20.00

Lamb Combo $19.00

Pork Combo $18.50

Chicken Combo $18.50

Turkey Combo$18.50

Meat Combo $20.00

(choice of 2: beef/chicken/pork/turkey/lamb/Prime Rib add $3.00)

Meat Combo Supreme $26.00

(choice of 3: beef/chicken/pork/turkey/lamb/Prime Rib add $3.00)

Surf & Turf Combo $36.00

(seafood platter and choice of 2: pork/beef/chicken/turkey/lamb/
Prime Rib add $3.00)

Seafood Platter Combo $32.00

(salmon, white fish, scallops, squid, shrimp, fish cake, clams)

Vegetarian Combo $18.00

*These items may be cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs increases your risk of foodborne illnesses, especially if you have certain medical conditions.  Before placing your order, please inform us if anyone in your party has a food allergy.