Our Team

When it comes to dining in the South Shore, Jimmy Liang, Peter Tse, and their partners Tony Liang, John Liang, and head chef Ming Cao have laid the foundation for what it really means to be provide diverse quality choices.

Business began in 1998. The then 19 year olds and best friends, Jimmy Liang
and Peter Tse opened their first restaurant: Fuji Restaurant in Wollaston. The neighborhood fell in love with this long awaited for Japanese Restaurant. Locals and newcomers alike, felt welcomed. This hometown feel of customer service combined with the long met need for sushi and Japanese cooked food in Quincy, is what catapulted the creation of Fuji 1546 in 2004. This larger establishment offered an extended selection of the original Fuji’s cuisine and accomodated many more people. At 4,200 square feet, with seating for 112 that included the longest bar in the city, Fuji 1546 was and continues to be the hub for sushi aficionados.

In 2007, Jimmy, Peter and business partners, John Liang and Tony Liang went on to create B Cafe, formerly known as Beni Cafe. B Cafe offers a quick and casual self-service style atmosphere. This neighborhood restaurant caters to quick dine-in service and take-out. Patrons can enjoy sushi, Japanese dishes and more on a tight schedule and budget.

A year later, Shabu Restaurant joined the JP Fuji Group family. Just a few doors down from B Cafe, Shabu features Japanese hot pot style cooking, along with a selection of appetizers, sushi and a beer and wine menu.

With a continued desire for Asian customs and the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine, JP Fuji Group went on to create Kama Lounge and Bistro Chi in 2010. Sharing the same roof, and interchangeable menus of modern American tapas and Chinese cuisine, this unique concept of connected restaurants share their own unique style and ambiance, “East meets West”.

With the success of these six restaurants, the team decided to expand their horizons outside of the Quincy area and in 2011, opened Fuji at Kendall; an upscale and innovative twist to Fuji 1546. Located in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge, this locale has become a mecca for diners, shoppers and residents alike.

In late 2013, the team returned to their hometown, Quincy, and opened YoCha, an innovative, Asian-inspired dessert shop that is the first of its kind in Massachusetts. YoCha offers freshly prepared summer classics such as teas, smoothies and frozen yogurt. It also specializes in sweet soup, a traditional cold Asian dessert that is served here with a unique spin and original recipes developed by the team.

Simplicy, with innovative style, is the business fashion that is weaved throughout all of JP Fuji Group’s dining establishments and will be extended into the group’s next two projects in East Cambridge and Assembly Row.